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90s Mini Skirt Outfit Style & Fashion (Reviving Retro)

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As a 90s kid, I was obsessed with the mini skirt trend! It seemed like everywhere I looked, girls were sporting their most fashionable mini skirts.

From florals to plaid, there was no shortage of cute designs that made a statement.

My personal favorite look included a denim mini skirt paired with an oversized t-shirt and chunky sneakers.

The whole getup gave off an effortlessly cool vibe that only the 90s could pull off. I loved having the freedom to mix and match different styles together while still being on trend.

I think it’s safe to say that the 90s mini skirt trend is here to stay!

With so many iconic looks from our favorite stars of the decade, it’s no wonder why it continues to be popular among fashionistas in 2020.

Here are a few ideas on how to put together your own look: 

Pair With A Fitted Top

The first thing you need for this look is a fitted top. Whether it’s a crop top or tank, choose something that emphasizes your silhouette and shows off your figure.

You could even go for something with unique detailing or an interesting fabric to make your outfit stand out from the crowd.

Next, pick out your favorite 90s-style mini skirt to complete the ensemble. Opt for denim if you’re going casual, or try leather if you’re looking for something edgy and modern – either way, you’ll definitely turn heads when wearing this style!

Add A Jacket Or Blazer

When I’m looking for something classic yet stylish, I always reach for my denim jacket or jean blazer.

The blue tones help create contrast and texture when paired with my favorite mini skirt.

Not only can I wear this look on a night out with friends, but also in more formal settings like weddings or work events because it’s so versatile.

For something more modern and sophisticated, try layering an oversized blazer over your mini skirt.

Choose The Right Shoes

I remember back in the ‘90s how popular it was to wear mini skirts with chunky heels or cool sneakers. It all came down to personal style, of course!

When selecting your shoes for this look, go for a pair that will add some personality and flair.

A platform shoe can give your outfit an edgier vibe, while a classic ballet flat can help keep things sweet and feminine.

Or if you want something in between, why not opt for an ankle boot?

They come in so many different styles these days – from heeled to flat and everything in between – that you’re sure to find the perfect pair!

Accessorize: Add A Scarf, Necklace, Or Bracelet For An Extra Touch

Accessorize! Adding a scarf, necklace or bracelet can make all the difference when it comes to creating a stylish ensemble.

One of my favorite ways to accessorize a mini skirt outfit is by adding a vibrant scarf.

From bright stripes and floral patterns, scarves can be used as an eye-catching piece or an added layer of warmth during those chilly days.

A classic gold chain necklace or bangle bracelet will also add sparkle while keeping things classic and timeless.

Try A Different Style: A Denim, Plaid, Or Even Faux Leather

The mini skirt of the 90s is making a comeback. Denim, plaid, and faux leather mini skirts offer great style options for those looking to experiment with their wardrobe.

A denim or plaid mini skirt can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

For an edgy yet casual look, pair your skirt with some ankle boots and a graphic tee for an effortlessly cool outfit.

Alternatively, if you’re going out for dinner pair your denim or plaid skirt with a blouse and heeled sandals to make a statement.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling bold go all out with a faux leather mini-skirt!

This piece will definitely turn heads when paired with an oversized sweater and combat boots.

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