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What Is Athleisure Wear? (Is It Different From Loungewear?)

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Athleisure is a term that refers to clothing and footwear that’s designed for both workouts and everyday wear.

It typically includes yoga pants, sneakers, leggings, sweatpants, hoodies, sports bras, and more.

Athleisure outfits are a combination of activewear and casual clothing that is appropriate for both the gym and everyday wear.

These comfortable clothes can be worn to work, on errands, or out with friends.

Athletica, Nike, Lululemon, etc are examples of brands that offer athleisure wear so you can stay in style whether you’re working out or going about your day!

We’ve all seen the new trend of people wearing yoga pants outside of the gym, but do you know what this style really is?

Athleisure wear is a term coined during the 1970s to describe a line of clothing designed for both fashion and sports.

This type of clothing was originally intended for use during workouts but has since become popular as everyday attire.

An example would be sweats with an athletic logo on them or stretchy pants paired with a loose-fitting top made out of jersey material.

What Does Athleisure Mean?

Athleisure, the combination of ath– from athletic and leisure, is a word that has been around for about 20 years but only recently became popular.

It defines clothing that can be worn both to exercise in and outside of the gym.

Athletic wear isn’t just for athletes anymore.

Nowadays it has become a fashion trend among women who want clothes they can wear to look chic while working out or going on errands.

It’s no surprise why this trend is so popular: comfy clothes are always nice!

But there are also other perks too – you don’t have to change when you’re done exercising and you’ll never find yourself running late because of having to change your outfit.

What Are Athleisure Outfits?

An athleisure outfit can include anything from a sports bra and sweatpants to workout leggings paired with a top from your weekend closet.

The key is finding pieces that you feel comfortable wearing in different settings so you don’t have to switch between two separate wardrobes!

Why Is Athleisure So Popular?

Athleisure is all about comfort and style!

The athleisure trend has grown so popular for women because it provides a comfortable alternative to jeans. This easy-going look allows you to be casual without looking sloppy.

The idea of athleisure is not new.

Fashionistas have been wearing it for years, and now the trend has made its way to mainstream fashion.

The combination of athletic wear with streetwear and casual clothes can be a style statement for many.

Wearing athletic gear in public used to be taboo, but nowadays it’s seen as a fashion symbol among millennials.

Fashion bloggers are raving about how comfortable and stylish it can be, while fitness enthusiasts rave about how they can get their workout on without sacrificing their look.

Athleisure is no longer just an activewear trend – anyone who wants to dress like a boss yet doesn’t want to break a sweat, you’ve got covered!

What Is The Difference Between Loungewear And Athleisure?

Loungewear is typically a casual type of clothing that can be worn at home.

Whereas athleisure is designed to wear for workouts and so you don’t have to change into different clothes after your workout but still look stylish while doing it.

Loungewear is clothing that is meant to be worn while lounging around while athleisure refers to clothing that can be worn both for working out as well as lounging around.

In other words, athleisure is not just for exercise or work-out purposes but also for relaxing in your home or office.

If you’re anything like me, you love to lounge around in your leggings and yoga pants and wear them all day long.

I’m here to tell you that athleisure is not just for lazy days anymore!

Athleisure has taken over the fashion world and now we can wear our favorite sweats all day long without judgment from others.

What do you wear when lounging around the house? Loungewear!

And what about a workout or exercise activity, like yoga or jogging on the treadmill at home? Athleisure!

How Do You Use Athleisure?

Athleisure has been trending for a while now, but did you know that it started as an offshoot of fitness clothing specifically designed to be worn outside.

It combines fashion and function so you can look great during your workout or errands.

While athleisure often shares similarities with athletic apparel like sweatpants and sports jerseys, they are not necessarily related to each other – especially if one wears them exclusively at home.

Athleisure was originally crafted from materials such as cotton along with synthetic materials.

This made clothes more fluid than traditional fabrics making movement easier without all the constraints found in normal activewear.

Can I Wear Athleisure To Work?

With the trend of athleisure, many people are wondering if it is appropriate to wear them at work.

You most definitely can wear athleisure at work!

Just make sure the style of your jacket matches what’s acceptable in the workplace (a nice peacoat usually looks really professional).

We guarantee people will take notice if they see someone rocking fashion-forward pieces from head to toe.

Athleisure clothing has become a popular choice for casual attire and every organization may have specific dress code guidelines that would apply in an office setting.

If you’re an office worker, what are the chances that your company is going to let you wear athleisure clothes?

If your organization policy allows for it, then Yes! you can wear athleisure to the office.

The key is to pair it with a great blazer or coat that would be appropriate for an office environment.

However, you will want to keep some considerations in mind before wearing this type of outfit so as not to appear informal or sloppy when dressing up for your workplace environment.

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