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What To Wear To Topgolf (Outfit Ideas & Dress Code)

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If you’re looking for a fun, social outing that can also help you work on your golf game, then Topgolf is the place to go. While there are a few different things you can wear to Topgolf, here are some tips for dressing for the occasion.

With a climate-controlled course and ample shade, attire is not as important as it might be at other venues.

  • Plan your outfit around the fact that you’ll be spending most of your time indoors. A comfortable shirt and pants combo will do the trick.

  • Golf clothes are perfect for Topgolf. You don’t need anything too fancy, just something comfortable and stylish. 

  • If you’re hitting balls off the tee, throw on some old tennis shoes or sandals.
  • Jeans are perfect for passing the time, as are sneakers or sandals.
  •  A collared shirt and polo can work well too, but feel free to be creative!
  • A hat is always a good idea, especially in the summer months.

Topgolf Dress Code

Is there a dress code at Topgolf?

No, Topgolf does not have a specific dress code or attire that visitors must adhere to.

However, keep in mind that while Topgolf is casual and you’d get to show up in sweats, shorts, and a t-shirt, this is an upscale venue and so it’s wise to dress up a bit.

Topgolf Outfit Ideas

Looking to step up your game? Here are some cute Topgolf outfit ideas to get you started! 

  • For a casual day out, go for a comfortable tee and jeans.
  • For an evening out, try a chic dress or skirt. 
  • If you’re feeling creative, go with an outfit that reflects your personality and style.  
  • A fun and flirty golf outfit is a polo shirt and khaki pants. Accessorize with some cute sandals or wedges.
  • For a more formal occasion pair a skirt or slacks for an elegant look.
  • For a sportier look, try Nike golf shirt and shorts. Add some cute sneakers to complete the outfit.
  • For comfort, you can always go with a traditional golf outfit like a polo shirt and nice shorts.
  • You can always dress up your golf outfits with some cute accessories and jewelry, too!

What To Wear To Topgolf Date – Outfits

Wearing the perfect outfit for a date at Topgolf is key to scoring points with your date.

First off, think about what kind of experience you want. Do you want something casual? Do you want to dress up? Do you want something sporty?

When choosing what to wear, keep in mind that Topgolf is generally casual.

That means shorts and a T-shirt are usually good options. However, there are certain occasions when it might be appropriate to dress up a bit more.

For eg., if your date is someone special who you want to make feel extra special, dressing up for dinner might be the right thing to do.

In any case, always consult your date before going out so that everyone knows what would be comfortable and flattering for them.

Here are some tips on what to wear on your next date at Topgolf: 

  • Dress fashionably. While it is not necessary to dress up, wear something attractive.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Wear something casual and something that fits your personality. For example, I wear jeans with a button-up shirt and tennis shoes.
  • Wear blue jeans and a t-shirt. Wear whatever makes you feel good. Have fun!
  • Choose a comfortable outfit that you can move and dance in. 
  • Make sure your clothing matches your date’s style, and avoid wearing too much makeup or jewelry. 

What To Wear To Topgolf In Winter

If you’re looking to hit some balls in winter, Topgolf is the perfect place. The bays are heated, so even if it’s cold outside, you’ll be able to play without any issue.

Wearing something comfortable and stylish is key – Choose something warm but not too hot. Opt for a light jacket or shirt. Pair it with a nice belt and some good jeans.

What To Wear To Topgolf In Summer

Choose something comfortable and versatile. You don’t want to be cramped up in an outfit that won’t let you move around freely.

Although the hitting bays are cooled, consider something that will keep you cool in the hot weather.

Choose a summer dress or skirt that has plenty of airflow so you won’t feel too hot and sticky when playing the game.

What Shoes To Wear To Topgolf

Although Topgolf doesn’t have a shoe policy, It’s good to choose shoes that are comfortable and look stylish. 

Pair comfortable shoes that you can move around in easily. Additionally, choose sneakers or other low-heeled shoes instead of high heels. 

Wear sneakers or tennis shoes if you plan on playing any of the other games too; they’re more comfortable.

If you’re just looking to hit balls around, choose a pair of sandals. They’ll provide good grip and comfort, and you can take them off if it starts to get too hot.

Can You Wear Sandals To Topgolf

Wearing sandals to a Topgolf game is perfectly acceptable. Stick to sneakers or sandals that have a lower profile so that you can move around freely.

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